─ Our Story ─

The idea behind Enso picks was simple (but not easy!): to create the pick that ticked all the boxes I was looking for in a pick.
As a guitar player for over 20 years, I’ve used and tried hundreds of picks. I liked many of them, but there was always something that didn’t feel right. Some were too thin, too thick, too pointy, too rounded, the material felt scratchy or weird in contact with the strings…

Crafting my own pick with my desired specifications was the only likely way to be 100% happy with it. Thanks to my engineering background, I had all the tools and knowledge to start experimenting and creating my own picks.
random guitar-picks
At first it was just for me, but then people would try them and like them, so I was doing picks for more and more people, so offering them for everyone was the next step.

Thats how Enso Picks was born, as a mix of passion for music, engineering and a meticulous attention to detail.