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Elevate your playing to new heights with our handcrafted guitar picks. Each one is a unique masterpiece, meticulously created to bring out every nuance from your instrument.

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Our picks in detail

While a thicker pick may seem unfamiliar at first, once you feel the difference you’ll never look back!

Hand Beveled

Every pick is hand sanded and polished to ensure an optimal attack on the strings

Comfort grip

Experience the joy of relaxed playing! Discover the comfort of a thicker pick and let your music flow with ease

Sharp tip

Just like a fine-tipped pen enhances your writing precision, a sharp pick elevates your picking accuracy to the next level

Why should you care about what pick you use?

Picks are often underestimated in our gear, yet they are one of the most crucial elements in your playing. Your pick acts as the bridge between your hands and the strings, translating the sounds in your mind into music from your instrument.
Experience the difference with our picks, designed to make your playing effortless, comfortable, and, most importantly: enjoyable. Your pick is your musical voice—choose it wisely!

Why picks so thick?

Is this just a new trend? While it’s true that there is some tendency towards thicker picks, it’s not only for the show and there is some actual science behind it…

Try this: pinch your index and thumb fingertips as hard as you can, and then pinpoint a very specific spot with the union of your fingers, without looking.

Now, place your fingertips so they are barely touching each other and do the same thing. You probably find it easier to do it in the second case, even if just slightly.

The first case is what happens with a conventional thin pick: your fingers receptors get into each other “space”, making it harder to point a very specific location without the help of your eyes. This is called proprioception. By separating the fingers and giving them something thicker to grip, there is more feeling of control in space. And we’re talking about guitar, where strings are only a few mm away!

Thanks to its physical properties, acrylic is much more durable than other plastics while still being up to 10 times more resistant to impacts than glass.

This makes it the perfect material for your next pick: you’re more likely to lose it than to have to replace it!

Place your hand in your desk facing up and try to relax it, and check for the natural position of your fingers. For most of us, the hand will adopt a semi-opened position, as if we were grabbing a small ball, and the fingers won’t touch between them.

This is as close as we want to get when playing to guarantee as minimum strain in the joints, tendons and ligaments by using as little tension as possible. A thicker grip is closer to this position and ensures less tension than a thinner one.

Thickness and hardness of picks affect on the sound produced when hitting the strings. A thicker pick will produce a richer tone with more low ends than a thinner pick of the same material.